Google Ad Management


No sign-up fees. No contracts.

Total Google search + display + video campaign management.
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Our Process

We use a heavily research-based strategy by understanding how your sales process works, analyzing the past performance of your campaign history (user demographics, CTR, impression share, etc) and how to 

  • Setup campaign(s) according to the goals you’d like to achieve (web traffic, calls to store, form submissions, etc.)
  • Setup ad groups within those campaigns relevant to the targeting & delivery strategy we’re going to use.
  • Build ads that are tailored to capture the attention and engage your ideal customers.
  • We analyze and optimize every one of our client’s accounts daily. We do this through modification of copy, creative and targeting parameters in order to increase visibility,  performance. This is how we increase traffic, leads, and revenue to your business.

If your account is already performing well, we’ll make it better. If we’re not sure how, we’ll schedule strategy calls with Google.


Increase in Conversions (5.17.2019 to 7.17.2019)

No passwords. No hassle.

Unlike Facebook & Instagram, we are able to gain access through our agency’s manager account, so you don’t send us any sort of password, or deal with setting up a user account for us– all we need is (1) your Google Ad account number so we request access, then (2) you click approve in the email Google sends you.

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