Launching a social media business might seem like a far-off dream to most people. Even once you’ve started a business, the daily grind of getting clients, keeping them happy, updating your blog, fine tuning your website, posting to social and doing client work can wear you out. I understand because I’ve been there.
For a long time, owning my own business where I could choose my own clients, be my own boss and work from my own home in my pajamas if I wanted to was just a dream for me too. It seemed too good to be true. When I started my business, it wasn’t much more than a dream at first. Then it became a side project, a little hustle that I used to make some extra money for the household.
But in 2016, I decided to get serious, I quit my job and later my husband quit his. In a matter of months, that little side project turned into a six-figure business- we made $112,492 from Stephens Social last year.
This is awesome, BUT, it was never about just generating a better income- owning my own business has enabled me to spend time with my daughter and take vacations with my family anytime. There’s no boss to ask if I can unchain myself from my computer and when I have to be back.
Now that I have my business established, there are a lot of lessons I’ve learned along the way that I want to share with others. I want other parents to have the freedom to spend days at home with their kids and go away for holidays together, and I’m in a position to teach them how.
With the Social Media Business Blueprint, I’ve put together everything that I’ve learned while building my business, including the things you should spend your time doing and the things that proved to be a mistake. Based on my real experience building and scaling my business, I’ve experienced many of the issues that new business owners face, and I’m here to show you how to overcome them.
Over the eight-week course, which is packed with videos, downloads, and guides, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the important topics that make your business a success, including:
  • How to discover what niche of business is right for you
  • Crafting the perfect offer for your target audience
  • Having control over which clients you choose to work with
  • Defining your brand and communicating your true value
  • The basics of content, sales, and marketing
  • Establishing a presence on social media channels
  • And soooo, so much more!
Though the course itself teaches the material, I’m also here to help and guide participants in our private Facebook group. I answer questions, give examples and share the nitty gritty of real entrepreneurship. Plus I share my guides and templates to help you establish processes that allow you to use your time effectively and build processes to help you scale your business.
The time is now for you to start working on a future that changes your whole life… by letting you live your life! The Social Media Business Blueprint can show you how. Click here to learn more and sign up for the course today.
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